About Sara

Sara Russell, NTP

The Feed Your Fertile Body!™ Program has grown out of my work with couples in my nutritional therapy practice and group programs aimed at preparing the body for conception and optimizing fertility. Watching couples grow into families and watching existing families grow is a constant source of joy to me. After witnessing the success of this program, I feel strongly about letting it grow beyond the confines of my individual and group practice, so that more families can grow as a result.

When I became a mother, it became extremely important for me to nourish my children with love and good food, and motherhood is a journey that has deeply inspired my continued study of nutrition, coming full circle and giving my children the nourishment my parents weren’t consistently able to give me as a young child growing up in a very low-income home.

Working to improve my health and that of my children through a nourishing diet inspired me to pursue a career in nutritional therapy, and my practice emphasizes restoring health to those who have lost it and fostering optimal health in generations to come, with a deep commitment to the birthright of every baby to be born healthy and all parents-to-be to meet their full fertility potential.

Wishing the best of health to you and your growing family,

Sara Russell, Ph.D., NTP, CGP
Founder, Feed Your Fertile Body!™ Program