Support your body's fertility with a rainbow of healthy foods!Are you ready to build a family or add to your growing family? This program was created just for you!

In today’s stressful and toxic world, many couples are finding it harder to conceive a baby, and many parents-to-be are eager to work actively on optimizing fertility and preparing the body through conception.

This program was born out of my deep commitment to the birthright of every baby to be born healthy and all parents-to-be to meet their full fertility potential.

Initially, I designed the program for the groups I ran out of my nutritional therapy practice, and it has warmed my heart to watch so many couples conceive and have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies after completing the program! Over time, I realized that the importance of extending access to this valuable nutritional and lifestyle support for the pre-conception period, so you can now find a local or virtual Feed Your Fertile Body!™ group regardless of your location.

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About The Program

The program focuses on strengthening fertility in both men and women who are preparing to become parents, and is definitely suitable for same-sex couples and solo parents.

When you sign up for the program, you will receive a workbook and participate in six meetings in a group setting. Your instructor will guide you and other participants through information and action steps designed to empower you to feed your fertile body with the ingredients it needs to grow and raise a healthy baby!

You’ve probably heard the term “sex-positive” – well, this is a “food-positive” program, where there is no pressure to be perfect, and the focus is on adding in deeply nourishing foods that will bring you health and happiness as they help build your fertility.

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Each week’s module comes with practical action steps, including a shopping list, a pantry cleanout assignment and recipes. The extensive bonus materials include resources for home and body care, information on GMOs, further reading suggestions, a fertility-supporting food chart for your refrigerator, meal planning templates, a cookbook and more.

To learn more, email feedyourfertilebody@gmail.com.

In health!

Sara Russell, Ph.D, NTP, CGP