Happy second-time mom

As a second-time mom and Nutritional Therapist, one might think there was not much for me to gain using the Feed Your Pregnant Body™ program. On the contrary, I found the materials to be quite useful. As a busy mom to a toddler, focusing on my own nutrition is a whole different ball game than it was during my first go-round with pregnancy. I was able to use the FYPB program as a quick guideline for nutrients I should be consuming to support myself and the baby, without having to spend much time thinking about it myself.

And as someone who educates about choosing safer personal care products, I love that the program includes more than nutrition in this resource. Reducing toxins all around goes a long way to support healthy pregnancies and babies. Many of the changes the program advocates are simple to implement. In fact, the whole guide is really done within the context of a ‘normal’ person’s reality, which is refreshing! Rather than making me anxious that I’m not doing enough, this program helps me see where I can do better, and give myself credit for all that I’m already doing right.

Practical solutions to common problemstestimonial

I love that FYPB gives basic guidelines for a healthy pregnancy, but also dives into common pregnancy issues and how to address them via nutrition. There have been a few times that I’ve pulled up the workbook while experiencing an ailment (hello, heartburn) and was quickly able to address the issue.

For me personally, the information for supporting breastfeeding was a favorite. I struggled with low supply with my first child, but between FYPB and meeting early with my lactation consultant, I’m going into this newborn stage with confidence that I will have a successful breastfeeding relationship with my second child. I’ve already got a batch of the lactation cookies in my freezer ready to go!

Beth Martin, Seattle, WA