Become an Instructor

Welcome, prospective instructors!NTA CEUs for Instructors

Thank you for considering becoming a program instructor! I’m excited and grateful for your interest in and commitment to the good health of parents prior to conception and throughout pregnancy! Optimal nutrition helps parents conceive naturally and will help us reverse the alarming trend towards increasingly poor health in the younger generations!

You can register for the Feed Your Fertile Body!™ and Feed Your Pregnant Body!™ programs together or separately.

The instructor packet is available exclusively to Nutritional Therapy Practitioners and Nutritional Therapy Consultants trained through the Nutritional Therapy Association. When you purchase the packet and become an instructor, you can effortlessly integrate pre-conception preparation and fertility optimization programs into your practice. The materials are suitable for individuals and couples alike, and are designed to be inclusive of diverse families.

The instructor packet is complete with detailed lesson plans and activities to help you lead your groups with confidence. Feedback forms, evaluations, and tips on pricing and marketing your groups are included as well.

Support for Program Instructors

There is a private forum for Feed Your Fertile Body!™ and Feed Your Pregnant Body!™ Program instructors, where the growing instructor community can share ideas about running and leading groups, marketing your groups and integrating fertility into your private practice. Instructors will be provided with a marketing and networking guide for success. Additionally, you will have access to quarterly support calls aimed at optimizing your success as a program instructor and as a fertility/pregnancy-focused practitioner.

Earn Continuing Education Units!

The Nutritional Therapy Association has recognized the Feed Your Fertile Body!™ and Feed Your Pregnant Body!™ programs as eligible for 5 and 6 CEUs, respectively.

For more information, read our answers to frequently asked questions.

Build your practice by building families

BuildYourPracticeNot only is working with fertility optimization and pre-conception preparation extremely gratifying in and of itself, but it makes a lot of sense to nutritional therapists serious about having an active practice.

The participants in the group program learn life-changing and even life-building nutritional and lifestyle skills. On the basis of the trust and concrete results they achieve through the group program, they turn to us for a personalized nutritional plan during the pre-conception period, and sometimes will ask for guidance through a detoxification program aimed at preparing the body for a healthy pregnancy.

Once pregnant, many of your former program participants will turn to you for support with a healthy pregnancy, and will continue to do so in the post-partum period and during lactation. As the baby grows, the parents will turn to your expertise in addressing issues such as reflux, constipation, diarrhea, digestive, skin and immune health, issues with growth and development, and nutritional imbalances.

The group program as part of an integrated nutritional therapy practice

In many ways, offering a strong group program is an opportunity for you to build your mailing list and client base and an opportunity for teaching food-preparation workshops if you are so inclined.

Just as this program is a great way for potential one-on-one clients to find you and your consultation services, it is an additional opportunity for your current clients who are preparing for conception.

If you have questions or would like to become an instructor, please email me at: